Communication with your Local Government 

Insite was conceived from founder Jeff Eager's realization that there is a void of resources that businesses need to ensure they're one step ahead of ordinances and legislation inside local government. 

Jeff and his team are proud to be one of the leading solutions to local government affairs focusing on the integration of technology with in-depth local government expertise to deliver invaluable information to Insite's clients. 

Insite is Jeff's answer to filling this void. Local government affairs can be complicated and drawn out.  Insite is designed as a political intelligence tool for companies to utilize in industries such as, but not limited to, local government franchisees, local government contractors, property developers and retailers, cable TV providers, or any business or association whose business is highly regulated or impacted by local government decisions. 

Founder and President Jeff Eager uses his experience as a Mayor combined with his work on Capitol Hill to allow him to lead Insite's team of seasoned professional analysts with a real world perspective. Jeff's deep knowledge of business law adds an additional edge to Insite's clients focusing on their goals and needs. Jeff has shown the right information in real time is an investment helping clients realize their goals and agendas. 

We look forward to hear how Insite can assist you in your professional ventures.