About Insite LocalGovAffairs.com and Local Government Monitoring 

Jeff Eager founded Insite to bridge the gap between businesses and local government. 

As Mayor, Jeff saw that too often businesses did not know what local government was doing, even when the action might have a big effect on the bottom line.  Once they are in the know, businesses can have a difficult time communicating effectively with local government decision-makers and voters.  This lack of communication leads to poor business and local government outcomes. 

The Insite LocalGovAffairs.com team combines unique business, government, political, and communications expertise to bridge the gap between business and local government. We also hope to act as a resource on your behalf so that you are fully informed from all sides. 

Insite provides local political intelligence via issue alerts tailored to a client’s business needs. This service is especially useful to cable television providers, utilities companies, and other businesses that are highly susceptible to local government regulation.

Insite LocalGovAffairs.com also advises clients on how to communicate with local government officials and voters to achieve policy goals.

Local government is becoming a critical playing field for policy disputes. As New York Times columnist David Brooks observed in 2013, gridlock in Washington, D.C. leaves voters looking to local government to implement policy changes. As local government becomes more important than ever, businesses need a way to know what is going on and to engage with local government effectively.  What works in DC does not necessarily work in Duluth. Insite helps businesses assess risks and opportunities created by local government activity and then to act.

Our services are scaleable and a la carte, depending on each client’s needs and the local government(s) the client is interested in.