Never give up, no matter what they test you with.


Finally, a partner focused solely on your local government affairs needs. Jeff Eager and his Insite team combine in-depth local government knowledge with web-based technologies to keep you informed about, and engaged with, the cities and counties you care about. 


Is your business affected by government decisions and local city councils? Insite provides excellent ROI for government franchisees. This includes anything from cable TV providers and other highly regulated industries, such as property developers and retailers, local government contractors, and any business or association whose business is impacted by the government.  Insite works directly for clients, and also subcontracts with other government affairs firms who need a focused local government partner.


We also hope to be an informational resource so that you will be equipped with everything you need to move forward with your business. For example, Insite can provide you with more information on national city trends by looking into our list of on-hand resources, such as the National League of Cities


Feel free to contact Insite LocalGovAffairs.com for any questions, comments, or inquries on local government advocacy and to learn how we can help you and your business specifically.